2 premium photo presets made for all lighting conditions. Scroll for more info.




The examples seen above were all done with one click, NO TWEAKING.


The ALEXSEYREYES preset pack includes the 2 presets that I use to edit all of my images as seen on my Instagram page @alexseyreyes. I have been developing these presets for nearly two years and have made them to be very versatile. they’ve been used in all sorts of lighting conditions such as Sunny, Night, Indoor, Rain, Cloudy, Backlit, Direct sun, concert settings etc.

Disclaimer - the ALESEYREYES presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on a computer. These presets are intended for RAW photos and are to be used in the Lightroom desktop version which can be dowloaded here. *Presets will still work on JPG photos but may require more tweaking.* These are not filters you can use in an app on your phone.

How to Install:

Download all presets from link sent to your email.

Open Lightroom and make sure you’re running 7.5 or higher.

Go to preferences - Presets Tab - Click Show Lightroom Develop Presets - This will open a settings folder

Double Click Settings Folder and copy and paste (or drop) the folder “presets by Alexsey” into the settings folder.

Restart Lightroom and the Lightroom presets should be installed!


Download the presets from the zip folder and go into Lightroom. Press import presets and select Alexseyr01.XMP and Alexseyr02.XMP and they should be installed and ready to start editing.

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately there are NO refunds, NO exceptions. Unauthorized distribution of Alexseyreyes presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.








USE #presetsbyalexsey on your photos using the presets to be featured on my Instagram page 🌈